the looks | autism awareness hawaii

while shopping, walking around public places, out to eat, or even at school it is all around us. the looks. we get "the look" all the time. from people who are quick to judge some one else's parenting skill or even the child who is acting out. my son will talk very loudly, yell out, cry, and script while in public and at home. people look at us, and say things behind their whispers. we never get used to it.

on the bright side of it all ... i have learned to really be more understanding about situations i see while out and about. when i see a child having a meltdown in the middle of the store i don't think badly about them or their caregiver. in fact it is the total opposite. i can totally relate and will offer a warm understanding smile and hello. we never know what is really causing the situation at hand but i know that i am one less person they get "the look" from.