ABAI info for those of you interested.

This year’s conference, “Research to Practice: Making Real Changes in the Lives of People with Autism,” will host 15 distinguished ABA experts presenting resources and information that teachers, therapists and parents can use to improve the lives of those living with an autism diagnosis. Presentations will focus on a variety of topics relating to three common themes important to the future of ASD treatment methods:

· Treatment Developments – A summary of the latest progress in behavioral intervention methods and how applied behavior analysts are helping to integrate people those with ASD into the community.

· Success Stories – Using science to guide autism treatment taking a look at the most recent and reliable case studies to help determine the future of those living with ASD.

· In Their Own Words – Personal observations and recommendations from professionals and parent advocates who are most closely affected by ASD.

If you have any questions regarding ABA International or autism treatments you can visit their website at www.abainternational.org. or contact Lauryn Coit and she will be able to connect you to the best resource.
Email: Lauryn@mcraeagency.com
Ph: 619-291-1234

His first ice skating experience

I took Hekili ice skating for the first time today. I was afraid he woldn't like it and he refused to put on his ice skates at first. I assured him that once they were on he could go on the ice. This got the skates on.

I was so happy. Step one accomplished. We got on the ice with the little hand rail holders and had a blast. He was smiling and laughing. It felt so good that he did something different and enjoyed it.

I think we will be doing this more often. Yay for new accomplishments.

Educate Toward Recovery: Turning the Tables on Autism


A Teaching Manual for the Verbal Behavior Approach to ABA: "Robert Schramm has written a book that is a must read for parents, therapists, and teachers of children with autism. This book is clear, heartfelt, informative, and provides behavioral terminology in a way that is applicable and easy to understand. He has beautifully explained Applied Behavior Analysis as an effective, scientifically validated treatment for autism. Robert’s book offers realistic hope in a world where it is needed most. We personally recommend this book to every parent or educator of a child in need." (Cherish Twigg, MS, BCBA and Holly Kibbe, MS, BCBA) "This is the best book on the Verbal Behavior approach to ABA that I have seen. If I was going to recommend only one book to either the parents of a child with autism or to anyone who is trying to help a child with autism, this is the book that I would recommend... I would give it five stars out of five." (Reg Reynolds, Ph.D., C.Psych)

I am adding this to my list of books to get. I believe in ABA and VB.Thought many of you might be interested in this.

find it here.