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Here he is with his skills trainer. She is trained in ABA and wonderful!!

First day of school ...

well it was more of a preview while mom enrolled Hekili type of deal. His skills trainer Sara went with us and they played while I took care of business. It was nice to see the director there. She used to be Hekili's Gymboree teacher when he was much younger. So her and I discussed a few things that I would love to do to raise awareness in the school. I want to have my Autism Awareness cards readily available. I am also going to be speaking with the staff to give them insight on early detection.

I really want to be a support system for other parents who are taking a new journey through this world of Autism. I want them to know that they are not alone and that even though it is scary there is so much more help out there than what is presented.

I will keep an update on his preschool adventures!!

Proud Mama


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His avoiding eye contact transfers even to my camera. He looks at the camera about as often as he makes eye contact with people. It is interesting!!

look at me...

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It is a task to get him to look at the camera. As he avoids eye contact he avoids looking directly at the camera as much as possible. I wonder if he is like me. I get uncomfortable looking people in the eyes when it gets too serious or when I am not comfortable with them. I know he is comfortable with me and his family but the eye contact is , well I don't really know how to explain it. I hope one day he can explain it to me.