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his first B-12 shot was yesterday. With it he takes Folic Acid to help keep him form being hyper.

His reaction an hour after was running and spinning in circles for a few minutes. I also know the injection stung a bit. We are looking into nasal spray.

Today was great. He is more responsive. He was not as loud as usual while we were out eating. I see a bit of an improvement from one shot. I can't wait to see what happens as we progress.

I asked him to look at me and usually he won't for long but today. He did for about a second longer than usual. You have no idea how that one second longer means the world to me.


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inspired. my son always inspires me. he has autism. although he doesn't communicate the way you or i do, what he has to say is beautiful. he loves music, he can read since he was 14 months old and is 4 now. he reads at about a 3rd grade level now. he learns at an unbelievable rate. his memory is amazing. i often get frustrated because of our communication barrier but he has taught me patience. because of him i am a better person.

i find that i do not pre- judge people like i used to. sad, i know. when i hear a child crying or screaming at a store i never judge the parents. i have had my fair share of meltdowns. people are quick to judge my parenting when my son is over stimulated from his surroundings and the only way he knows how to release is sometimes by yelling. i also wear my son in an ergo on my back. i get mixed reviews from the public but i could really careless. it keeps him not only safe but comfortable. he has horrible sensory issues and when in a crowded place needs a lot of sensory help. carrying him on my back really helps to relieve that stress for the both of us.

anyway i could write a book on our experiences but i will save that for later.