5/365 Hekili

5/365 Hekili, originally uploaded by Sara J. Smalley.

Hekili gets up and goes straight to his animal collection. He pretends play with them all the time. That is a huge step for someone with autism.

autism awareness

autism awareness, originally uploaded by Sara J. Smalley.

trying to get back into the photo journal I am doing of Hekili. This is his thing now. He likes to make piles of his things. especially his animals. He uses his hands and feet to scoot them from one location to another.

Receptive Language

ok receptive language is often taken for granted. For example ...

3 months ago..
Me: Hekili what would you like to eat for breakfast? Rice with soup or french toast?

Hekili: rice or french toast.

Now with lots of ABA and him learning more.

Me: would you like rice today or french toast?

Hekili: I want rice.

It is amazing when he answers because I know he understands what I asked. Every day is another step. Although he is academically gifted his use of language is behind. I am so proud when he tells me turn it off or put it on. His newest is "I'll hold it".

Take time appreciate every little word or phrase for it is a huge step!!