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3 yrs old and living with Autism. He has his moments of outbursts. Here he is yelling at his reflection in the TV.

First Monthly Support Group Meeting

So I figured no better way to start then to set a date. The first meeting will be set for May 21st, the third Wednesday of May. From 7pm-9pm. If this date does not work for everyone please feel free to email me or comment here. I will give more information regarding the meeting in a few days. Also please email me and let me know if you will be making it so that I can provide enough seating.

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Thank You!!

Thank you to everyone who bought my hand made products and prints to help raise money for Autism Awareness Month!! It was so nice to meet you all and talk to those who shared their own stories. It was fun and I would love to do it again.

Autism Awareness Month!! Fund Raising!!

This Saturday at Mapunapuna Ben Franklin, I will be selling handmade items and photograph prints to help raise money for families of children with autism. Please come visit and support the cause.

Treatments and therapies of Children with Autism can cost families $100,000 and more a year. Medical insurance in the state of Hawaii does not cover many of the treatments and therapies needed. Most parents also find them selves fighting the education system to get their children proper serves and end up at due process court.
Any money raised is a step closer in helping the families help their children. I hope that many of you will come join me in helping these families!!

Also www.snowpeadesigns.com is donating 10% of all proceeds to help as well.