He lights up my world

Hekili, originally uploaded by Sara J. Smalley.

He helps me to see thing differently I see the little quirks that I have because of him. He taught me the meaning of unconditional love.

Happy Thanksgiving...

I know I know, I am late on this but better late than never right? I just wanted to send out holiday wishes to everyone!!


The journaling speaks for itself. My son is very affectionate and loving. He is my hero!! I am stronger because of him. I wanted to share another side to my son.

Autism/Hyperlexia/ABA Therapy Video

My Beautiful Son (Autism/Hyperlexia/ABA Therapy) from Sara Smalley

ABA Therapy

So many people have questions about ABA therapy so I will be posting a video to show what it is like. I personally love ABA and think it works wonders. Please stay tuned for it.

Been absent

I have been absent for awhile. I am back though. With prepping for the IEP tomorrow and a death in the family I have been consumed. I have also been trying to get my business back off the ground.

Here are a few updates on Hekili. He has been using much more words and socializing a little more. He still requires prompts at times but he has been having more spontaneous socialization. He initiates affection with his sister, cousin, and aunt. It is so wonderful to see him do these things.

I also wanted to show parents who question ABA what it is like. I will be uploading a video clip I took today during Hekili's session. I am also using it tomorrow for the IEP. Wish us luck!!!

He is so smart!!!

Hekili is so smart it amazes me. He not only reads hundreds of words, he also knows the first letter of words you ask him. He is also learning to sound out words so if he doesn't know it but it looks similar to another he says it how he knows best. He is 3 years old and I never imagined he would be so advanced for his age. Autism has not hindered his academics at all. In fact Autism has opened up a whole new learning curve.

He counts backwards from 20 which is very cute. He likes numbers but not as much as letters and words. I wonder if he will be a writer when he grows up. Hyperlexia is not a word I was familiar with until his diagnosis. I should have known since he started reading at 14 months of age. His PED said he was just advanced and I should get him into preschool early. She had no idea that it was related to Hyperlexia. She doesn't know much about Autism at all.

Which leads me to warn parents. If you feel that your doctor is not knowledgeable about autism or anything else for that matter don't hesitate to find another doctor. His PED thinks that Hekili is rare in his cognitive ability. He is not. Autism does not mean retardation. This is a common misconception, that sadly even the so called smart doctors conceive. That is a whole different post though.