not what you think

not what you think
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most people will look at this photo and see a happy little boy interacting with his mom. That is right to some extent. Actually Hekili is not laughing because of me. He is saying the parts of the shows he likes to watch over and over again. Going over parts that amuse him. I just so happen to be outside with my camera when he was going over a funny part.

He stims (self stimulus) all day long with words. He likes to talk, hum, sing, or doing anything orally. There is so much more than what everyone sees. Maybe one day soon he will be able to tell me all about how it feels to do his verbal stims.

ABA ...

I will be posting some more information about ABA. Many parents ask what ABA is so I want to compile information for you all. Also you need to check out this blog in a week or two. Ana will be posting information and videos of her ABA sessions.

Here is the link.


14/365 Hekili

14/365 Hekili, originally uploaded by Sara J. Smalley.

he was marking his shirt and body with the chalk to see if it would show up. You can see how much he was into it.

hear me now

hear me now, originally uploaded by Sara J. Smalley.

hear me now

i try to express my self daily
it does not come as easily
for you it is a simple yes or no or maybe
for me it is complicated and frustrating

i need to learn to speak like you
i need to learn to tell you who
i am inside
hear me now
can you hear me

my voice is one of my own
a language that is to you unknown
i feel and see in a different light
i know a world out of your sight

you need to learn to listen
to hear my sounds and then
you can get a glimpse
of what is my world
hear me now

Autism Awareness

Autism Awareness , originally uploaded by Sara J. Smalley.

Hekili has gone through tons of transitions with skills trainers. These are his new skills trainers and they are Wonderful. The one holding his hand is Anna and the one behind is Colleen.

He is dealing with transitions better than I thought he would. He was sick this day but managed to work pretty darned good.

Anna is doing fishy kiss and Hekili saw me with the Camera so he looked my way.

11/365 Hekili

11/365 Hekili, originally uploaded by Sara J. Smalley.

The light this morning was beautiful form the window. He didn't want to stand for a photo so he grabbed his lion chair and sat. I worked with it. :) He is just so precious!!